About Us

Rhippo Studios

'Rhippo Studios' is an independent developer of Mobile Games & Animted Short Films. We are small bunch of designers, artists & programmers wish to entertain the world. We create original & entertaining digital content by developing mobile games & short cartoon films to make the world a Happy Place.

Vivek Dani

- Co-Founder, Lead Game Designer -

Hi! I am a Games, Cartoons & Car Racing fanatic who love developing video games & short animated cartoons... Before breaking into gaming, for 12+ years I have worked as Freelance Graphic Designer, creating artworks for Print, Web & Interactive media.

Pankaj Kamble

- Lead 2D Artist -

Hey there, my name is Pankaj Kamble, I am a 2D artist, I started from a young age with basic pencil and paper drawings, sketching and painting. Most of my design skills and knowledge are self-taught and I only moved in to designing

Ashish Dani

- Art Director -

Hello, I have multiple degrees in Visual Effects and computer Science. My skill set includes concept art, design, matte painting, CG (modeling, texturing, shading, lighting), scripting (max, maya, python), screenplay writing, Photography & audio engineering.

Match the Mates

Match the Mates is a Free unique Memory Game with a Twist!!!
where you match the lost pairs of beach animals & objects with 3 different modes:

Slider Image 2
Slider Image 2

1.Match maximum number of pairs within given time.

2.Match maximum number of pairs using given life chances.

3.Match 25 number of pairs as fast as you can!!! And the twists, you will find out while playing!!!

Animated Short Flims

Teaser Commin soon


Shader Upgrading Project for Xfrog (www.xfrog.com)

XFrog plants are highly detailed, fully textured 3D trees, shrubs, flowers – handmodeled using the xfrog procedural software. Currently there are over 600 species, each having multiple variations depending on factors like age & season.

Clients can create 3d scenes like these using the collection

Image Used with permission from AshishDani& XFrog.com

We upgraded the entire XFrog Volume 2 vegetation library to Vray

1. File maintenance with cleanup (VRay and Scanline / Mental Ray deliverables).

2. Derive required textures.

3. Develop and deploy VRayshaders for all XFrog Libraries

4. Develop & code a working pipeline.

5. Troubleshooting issues / support tasks.


Rhippo Studios PUNE - 411004. Maharashtra, INDIA.